VETS Group has a received a GRANT from the Department of Employment Services (DOES) Office of Wage Hours (OWH)

Veterans Enterprise Training and Services Group, Inc. (VETS GROUP) has a received a GRANT from the

Department of Employment Services (DOES) Office of Wage Hours (OWH)

Public Education Program

       Washington, DC—2018— – the VETS Group is announcing the immediate opportunity to offer Public Education Sessions on the District’s Wage Laws, employee commuter benefits, and First Source requirements for both Employers and Employees. They have launched a social media campaigned called ‘Did You Know…’ to alert the public on a variety of Wage Laws specific to both employers and employees.

Positive Impact

       Many have already benefited by attending their CyberSecurity Seminar for Small Businesses with Government Contracts and receiving important information on Wage Laws and how it affects future contracts related to consecutive yearly awards and the living wage increases for 2018, 2019, and

Outreach Availability

       This grant is now part of the VETS Group is committed to delivering public awareness regarding employee rights and employer responsibilities regarding wage laws and benefits; and their overall commitment to EDUCATION.

       Check link to attend the next outreach event or call us at (202) 822-0011 to schedule an information session for your organization.

       Founded in 2004, VETS Group has been a leader in IT Training and committed to helping others achieve Economic Employment through Education, Entrepreneurship, and Employment. VETS Group, offers a wide range of IT Certifications courses and personal development services.


For more information:
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