Our team, a collective of professionals with exceptional knowledge and experience in the field of Information Technology, can help you build and refine the skills to earn professional certifications in high demand in this industry. With or without a college degree, these certifications can position you for high earnings as an IT pro.

If you are currently working in another field, naturally, you may have concerns about switching careers. Rest assured that thousands of our students have made this journey before you. Simply follow in their footsteps through our proven program to gain the education, skills, credentials and contacts you’ll need to start and advance quickly in your new career.

In addition to our accreditation through ACCET, as well as through the Post 911 GI Bill, Vocational Rehabilitation through the Veteran’s Administration, and Workforce Investment Act benefits to qualified candidates and programs. All of these government agencies require compliance with exacting education quality and performance standards.

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Certified Tower

The Certified Tower Climber course provides the highest level of safety training for all structures, industries and occupations to include the telecommunication industry. This course, based on curriculum that meets all federal standards for training in the USA. It is designed to include the OSHA required training listed in CFR’s 1910 and 1926 related to work at a wireless communication site. Specific areas addressed include site hazard assessment, mandated safety meetings, ANSI Z359 fall protection (PFAS and fall restraint techniques), fixed ladder usage, PPE & OPE and emergency contingency planning (including rescue techniques). The Tower Climber training meets the requirements established by NATE (National Association of Tower Erectors) and American Tower Corp. All Tower Climber instructors are certified by BlueStream an industry leader in Fall Protection, Climbing Safety and Rescue from extreme heights. Each instructor is current in BlueStream’s Tower Climbing, Safety & Rescue curriculum and has completed all courses in Authorized Climber/Rescuer and Advanced Competent Climber.*Upon successful graduation the candidates will have the following certifications: Tower Safety and Rescue, OSHA 30, First Aid/CPR, Commscope Connector, Knots and Rigging, DOT Safe Driver, AT&T Standards.

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The VETS Group offers training in Federal Procurement; Small Business Development; Financial Literacy, Credit Repair and Identity Theft and is now in the process of implementing an initiative to identify more employment and procurement opportunities in the Airport industry.  We have been doing Entrepreneurial training for almost 14 years and continue to work with our entrepreneurs by providing them an extension of services that help them continue to maintain their businesses.  These ongoing services are mentorships, business partnerships, and procurement events that introduce participants to business opportunities for their continued success.  These procurement events are in conjunction with the Veterans’ Entrepreneurship Task Force (VET-Force), which the President, Joe Wynn is an active member and has been board member since 1998.  Our organization helps the VET-Force in the coordination of joint procurement events at the local and federal levels in DC, MD, and VA. 

The VETS Group has formed partnerships with the Veterans Administration, the Small Business Administration, the Department of Labor, Local Workforce Development Agencies and many large corporate enterprises to identify employment opportunities, business education, mentoring, technical assistance, growth capital, and access to international markets. 

For entrepreneurs that need extensive training we have a 10-Point Series of Workshops and Seminars to help you succeed.  These Workshops and Seminar Series’ are done by leaders in industry and are designed to help participants get a jump start on success.  This program will guide you through the process with activities from business plan writing, financial literacy, marketing and advertising development.  For more information click here

Financial Literacy

The goal of our Financial Literacy Program is to help participants improve their understanding of financial concepts and services, so they are empowered to make informed choices and act to improve their financial well-being.  We have two different tracks for the Financial Literacy Program:  1) specifically for individuals and families to help them gain adequate knowledge to properly make decisions pertaining to certain personal finance areas like real estate, insurance, investing, saving (especially for college), tax planning and retirement, and 2) specifically for small business owners and entrepreneurs to provide them with basic information and tools in financial management, taxes, liability insurance, banking, wages, and other resources related to being self-employed.

Setting financial goals is your first step to managing your financial future and is not easy.  You may save money for months for a vacation only to have an unexpected medical bill knock your fund back to zero. But success can be achieved with the right mindset. Without that vacation fund, you may have been forced into debt (or worse) by an unexpected medical bill. With it, you met your obligation in full and on time.

Our focus is to help you be financially prepared to deal with surprises rather than have surprises deal with you. For more information click here.

Small Business

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