Public Education Program (DOES)

The Department of Employment Services (DOES), Office of Wage-Hour (OWH) has developed a community-based public education program, involving the VETS Group, Inc. We were selected and trained on performing outreach to District employees, employers, and residents on raising awareness for the OWH and to inform the community of wage laws, employee commuter benefits, and First Source requirements.
VETS Group’s immediate goals include monthly events and activities and our extended goals will include Resource Fairs, Ward based events, and events at other nonprofit organizations that provide training, services, and job placement. We will provide a monthly update as we add additional events and activities to our online calendar. We have launching a social media marketing campaign on called ‘Did You Know…’ to inform the overall public about the Wage Laws and information that comes directly from DOES’s Office of Wage Hours documents. We have also created a brochure to accompany our media and marketing materials with details on how to file claims with addresses, emails, and other contact information.