Patriot Resource Partners

Service providers in our network are referred to as Patriot Resource Partners (PRPs).  Our Veterans, affiliates, and their families are first referred to the partners in our resource network for their product and service needs.  In return, we ensure that our PRPs offer quality products and/or services to our new and emerging entrepreneurs and IT professionals at a fair and reasonable rate.

Designated PRP representatives often become Champions for our mission and are willing to establish: (1) Mentor-Protégé relationships with our new and emerging entrepreneurs; (2) Employment opportunities for our certified IT professionals through Registered Apprenticeships, Internships or OJT; and/or (3) Serve as Advisors to the Vets Group.  In addition, PRPs keep abreast of current business trends and recommend improvements to our programs.  They also are asked to participate in the following:

  • Strategic planning for program initiatives and outreach events;
  • Publicizing and marketing the programs offered;
  • Recruiting participants for training and program activities;
  • Serving as a partner for grant funded opportunities; and
  • Generating interest, financial and community support.