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Textbook: All in One, CompTia Network+, Exam Guide, 7th Edition by Mike Meyers

This course introduces participants to the fundamentals of networking and data transfer. Participants will focus on domain infrastructure and networking environments using Windows Server. Participants learn to utilize administrative tools required to manage users, share system resources, and perform system maintenance. Participants will also learn to connect computers together and configure transmission media connectivity, which is referred to the methods whereby systems “talk” to each other. In this course participants learn LAN and WAN concepts, topologies, Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Reference Model, Ethernet networks, TCP/IP networking, IP v4 and IPv6 Sub-netting, IP routing, Network Address Translation (NAT), technologies, protocols and services, such as Virtual Private Network (VPN) and the Internet. In addition to building one’s networking skill set, this course is also designed to prepare an individual for the CompTIA Network+ certification exam, a distinction that can open a myriad of job opportunities from major companies. The IT industry is a stable and rapidly growing field and the demand for network professionals is continuing to grow. This certification is a valuable credential to help start or enhance a networking career.

Course Topics
• Domain 1: Network Technologies
• Domain 2: Network Media and Topologies
• Domain 3: Network Devices
• Domain 4: Network Management
• Domain 5: Network Tools
• Domain 6: Network Security


This is a lecture-hands-on program in which topics are presented by the instructor, practice hands- on labs are explained and assigned by the instructor and are completed by participants during lab periods. Participants are encouraged to read assigned chapters prior to attending class. Participants are divided into groups for optimum lab-work execution and completion. Objective and quizzes are given daily, and there is a mid-term exam and a comprehensive final exam.


There are no prerequisites for this course. However, it’s a policy of the school that all participants have a high school diploma or GED certificate with a minimum 9th grade math and reading comprehension level. It is also recommended that participants possess the below listed skills or certifications prior to taking this course and at least 9 months of on the job experience.
• Basic Computer Assessment Test & Computer Literacy
• Basic Microsoft Windows Navigation Skills
• Basic Internet Usage Skills
• CompTIA A+ certification and/or equivalent knowledge.

Certification Exam Prep: CompTIA Network+ Most IT professionals who intend to make their career in networking will eventually sit for several networking certifications. In most cases, multiple certifications are necessary because they deal with vendor-specific applications. This course will prepare participants for the CompTIA Net+ certification exam (N10-006) that tests an overall understanding of how networks operate, including network technologies, media and topologies, device. The Net+ exam is open to anybody, although it is designed to be taken by those with at least 9 months of job experience as a computer service technician or for persons who have successfully completed a course of study in PC Fundamentals and passed the CompTIA A+ certification exam. Participants are encouraged to take the CompTIA Net+ examination immediately upon completion of this course.

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