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Textbook: Get Certified Get Ahead: CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Study Guide Paperback by Darril Gibson

This course is designed to provide participants with the fundamentals and basics of network and operating systems security. Participants will focus on the fundamentals of security knowledge and skills. Participants will learn how to identify potential risks, infrastructure and connectivity, monitoring communications activity, implementing and maintaining a secure network, Anti- Malware products, firewalls, network topologies and devices, and network ports.

In addition, the successful candidate will learn how to apply security controls to maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability, identify appropriate technologies and products, troubleshoot security events and incidents, and operate with an awareness of applicable policies, laws, and regulations.

Course Topics

Participants learn the foundation-level of understanding of basic security features, cryptography, access control, threat analysis, risks mitigation, vulnerability assessment, physical and hardware security and disaster recovery. Course topics include:

• Standard 1: Understanding Security Layers Objective
• Standard 2: Understanding Operating System Security
• Standard 3: Understanding Network Security
• Standard 4: Understand Security Software
• Standard 5: Understand Security Careers and Ethics


This is a lecture-hands-on program in which topics are presented by the instructor, practice hands- on labs are explained and assigned by the instructor and are completed by participants during lab periods. Participants are encouraged to read assigned chapters prior to attending class. Participants are divided into groups for optimum lab-work execution and completion. Objective quizzes are given daily, and there is a mid-term exam and a comprehensive final exam.


There are no prerequisites for this course. However, it’s a policy of the school that all participants have a high school diploma or GED certificate with a minimum 9th grade math and reading comprehension level. It is also recommended that participants possess the below listed skills or certifications prior to taking this course and/or 2 years of on-the-job experience.

• Basic Computer Assessment Test & Computer Literacy
• Basic Microsoft Windows Navigation Skills
• Basic Internet Usage Skills
• CompTIA A+ certification exam or equivalent knowledge
• CompTIA Net+ certification exam or equivalent knowledge

Certification Exam Prep: CompTIA Security+

If you’re an IT professional hoping to progress in your career, then you know that the CompTIA Security+ exam is one of the most valuable certifications available. Since its introduction it has become a springboard to prestigious certifications like the CASP, CISSP, and CISA. The CompTIA Security+ exam will certify that the successful candidate has the knowledge and skills required to identify risk, to participate in risk mitigation activities, and to provide infrastructure, application, information, and operational security. Participants are encouraged to take the CompTIA Sec+ exam (SY0-501) within 2 weeks of completing this course.

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