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A student must be 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or GED. An in-house multiple choice computer assessment exam will be given to all IT potential students prior to enrollment. The assessment is used to evaluate their knowledge of the basic computer skills required for any of the IT courses offered. Students must receive a minimum score of 70% to be admitted to the school. All admissions are approved by the Program Administrator.


Vets Group maintains an open enrollment policy and enrollment forms are available from the Enrollment Specialist upon request. Students may elect to enroll in one or more programs and/or courses during the initial enrollment session. All enrollment forms must be completed and submitted prior to program or course start dates. Students will be notified of acceptance by phone, email or mailed correspondence. New student orientation will take place the first day of each new class.


Vets Group maintains the right to cancel any course that does not meet the institutes’ minimum enrollment requirements. Student’s will be notified prior to first class and 100% refund shall be granted to all paid enrolled students. (See Refund Policy)


The Vets Group follows the Federal and District Governments for closures regarding inclement weather. Students will be notified by phone and/or email of school closings or delayed openings. In the event of an emergency, students will be notified by phone and/or email. This policy requires students to keep their contacts updated. Students may also call the main school number for guidance (202) 822-0011.


The VETS Group Certification Based Training (CBT) classes are rigorous instructor-led training sessions that require in-class participation as well as home study. Absenteeism disrupts the educational process and can impact other students in attendance. A student who is absent from class without an excused reason is considered to have an unexcused absence. Each student must read and confirm receipt of the attendance policy before enrollment:

  • Class attendance and punctuality is mandatory
  • Academic penalties will not be imposed for excused absences
  • Each student will be allowed only 2 excused absences per course.

An excused absence could include, but not limited to the following:

  • Death of immediate family member or funeral
  • Job Interview
  • Jury Duty or Military Duty
  • Medical and dental appointments


Each student will be allowed one unexcused absence per course. Students who are expecting to be absent should contact their instructor or a staff member of the school in advance, if possible. Contact may include phone, email, or text message. It is the student’s responsibility to contact their instructor and obtain assignments that they missed. When they return to class they must have all required assignments completed. Failure to comply with this policy may result in a verbal and/or written warning or more severe penalties up to course/program dismissal.For VA students – if absences exceed 15 percent of the scheduled hours in a program, the school will notify VA to terminate the payment of educational benefits. An instructor’s decision not to excuse an absence may be appealed if evidence has been presented to the instructor that substantiates one or more of the reasons deemed sufficient for an excused absence or because the instructor’s decision was arbitrary, capricious or prejudicial.Appeals must be initiated within three class days of the instructor’s decision. In the appeal process, the burden of proof shall be upon the student. An appeal may be made by the student to the school President, Director, or Administrator.


Students have the right to withdraw from any course/program for any reason. The student must provide a written statement to the Program Administrator. If a student withdraws from a course/program the refund policy would apply based on the number of days the student has attended classes. A “W” grade will be recorded for the records.


The Vets Group does not allow a leave of absence. A student would be required to withdraw and re-enroll at the beginning of the next term, program or course.


The Vets Group defines class cutting as a student being absent without reason from any part of a class. This includes leaving class without permission from the instructor. Students are required to report to assigned classes before taking it upon themselves to visit another site, i.e. office, library, student lounge, etc. A class-cut will be considered a non-excused absence.


Students are expected to be respectful of all individuals (fellow students, faculty and visitors) and property (facility, materials, equipment, etc.). Students are also expected to help maintain a safe and enjoyable learning environment so that all students may benefit from it.1. Warnings, suspensions, probation and dismissals are possible penalties for violations of the standards of conduct. Probation, suspensions and dismissals will be recorded on the student’s record. (For VA students: VA will be immediately notified.)2. This policy governs the Vets Group Training Academy primary facility or anyplace in representation thereof (such as field trips, client sites, etc.) and applies to all Vets Group students, faculty, employees and visitors.3. Disorderly conduct, disruptive behavior and vandalism are strictly prohibited.4. All persons, including students and guests, must comply promptly and completely with staff requests in accordance with their duties, including, but not limited to, requests for identification, noise or activity abatement, or dispersal.5. While voluntary compliance with the Conduct policy is expected, where violations are found, authorized staff may, at their discretion, issue a warning or require any person or group of people to leave the Vets Group Training Academy for a policy violation and/or for exigent circumstances.6. All persons are responsible for informing their guests of the Vets Group’s policies in and out of buildings, and are accountable for the actions of their guests. Guests violating Vets Group policies will be asked to leave.7. All persons who violate this policy may face disciplinary action up to and including being dismissed and/or barred from any Vets Group enrollment.8. All dismissals may be appealed and re-admittance to the Vets Group may occur with the approval of the Program Administrator. *For VA students, the VA will immediately be notified of appeal results.absence.


The President, Director or Administrator have the authority to dismiss any student who violates the school’s published policies. Dismissal means the removal of a student from current and/or future course or program enrollment. A record of expulsion will be maintained and the VA will be notified for any student currently receiving VA Education Benefits.


It is the intent of the Vets Group to promptly respond to grievances by identifying corrections and quickly implementing solutions. Students who have issues with their classes or any other Vets Group students are encouraged to speak with their Instructor directly. If the issues are personal in nature or cannot be rectified by the Instructor, the Administrator is to be notified.
1. Statement of Grievance
If the student feels that the matter has not been resolved through informal discussions with Instructors or the Administrator, they should put their grievance in writing to the Vets Group Director.
2. The Grievance Meeting
Within 7 working days of receiving the written grievance, the Vets Group Director will respond, in writing, inviting the student to attend a meeting where the alleged grievance can be discussed. This meeting should be scheduled to take place as soon as possible (normally within 5 working days). If the student, Director and other involved persons cannot be in attendance the meeting shall be rescheduled once. Students have the right to have someone accompany them into the meeting. The right to have a companion in the meeting will be explained in the grievance invitation letter. Should a student’s companion be unable to attend the student must make contact within 3 days of the date of the letter to arrange an alternative date that falls within 3 days of the original date provided. These time limits may be extended by mutual agreement. The Vets Group Director will inform the student in writing of any decision or action decided after all information has been considered. In addition to the decision, the President will also offer the student the right to appeal. This letter should be sent within 5 working days of the grievance meeting and should include the details on how to appeal.
3. Outside Appeal
If the matter is not resolved to the student’s satisfaction they may address their appeal in writing to the D.C. Education Licensure Commission. (See Student’s Rights for further information).


Make-up assignments from classes missed is at the discretion of the instructor. The student must make up all assignments during the course enrollment period in order to receive a Certificate of Completion.


A student who satisfactorily completes a program or course will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

The student must accomplish the following to be in satisfactory status:

  • The student must complete the program or course with an average grade of 60% or above                                              
  • The student must take the certification exam administered by Pearson or CompTIA (for any program or course that leads to an industry recognized certification) within one week of final class date.


A student who satisfactorily completes a program or course will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. The student must accomplish the following to be in satisfactory status:

A student’s academic progress will be measured according to the following scale:

A = 90 – 100%
B = 80 – 89%
C = 70 – 79 %
D = 60 – 69 %
F = 0 – 59 %

* The Vets Group is a non-degree granting institution; therefore, certificates are given for all programs completed with a minimum passing of 60%. Students will receive grades/progress reports from the instructor within one week after mid-term completion and one week after the last day of the class. If the student is not available to receive their grades and progress reports on site, they will be sent to them via email and/or regular postal mail.


1. For VA Students: Educational benefits are processed on the basis of enrolled programs, satisfactory attendance, academic performance and conduct. Any changes in enrollment status, such as number of programs, withdrawal, or completion requirements, may result in re-evaluation of the VA award. The student may then become responsible for the balance of his/her bill and late fees at the end of their class enrollment at the school.2. Students must notify the staff upon changes of address, withdrawal or change in the number of programs attempted.3. If a student does not achieve a satisfactory cumulative grade of 60% or above, the school will document failure in the student records and notify VA immediately for those students currently receiving VA Education Benefits to interrupt the student’s educational benefits.


The Vets Group grants credit based on the content and comparability of the programs taken. Applicability of the programs to current training requirements are assessed. Students are required to present transcripts, certifications and prior military or industry training to the Enrollment Specialist during the enrollment process. Credit will be awarded for all programs of which a grade of C or better was earned. Students are allowed to request an evaluation of transfer programs by consulting with the Program Administrator. This evaluation will then be reviewed by the student’s instructor and the Administrator.


Students found exhibiting unsatisfactory progress at midterm may be place on probationary status or suspended from the program. Consequences are at the discretion of the Instructor and will be reviewed by the Administrator. Likewise, standards of conduct violations may result in probationary status, suspension or dismissal. Probationary status is defined at the Vets Group as a designated period where the student must adhere to stringent standards applied by the Instructor and/or Administrator to maintain enrollment status. Typically, the time periods for probationary status occurs after mid-term and is maintained until the course/program completion. However, probationary status is not limited to beginning after mid-term. Suspensions are defined as removal from courses/programs enrollment due to probationary status violations, specific conduct violations, and/or unsatisfactory academic progress for a set time as defined by the Instructor and/or Administrator.

In some instances of severe conduct violations, students can be expelled from the Vets Group indefinitely. This consequence will be determined by the Administrator and documented in the student’s file.

*Any student receiving VA benefits will immediately be reported when placed on probationary or suspension status.


A student will be permitted to re-enter the program at the beginning of the next term if the student has resolved the problems causing the unsatisfactory progress or conduct:1. Students re-entering the Vets Group after meeting conditions of suspension will re-enter conditionally;2. Students are not eligible for re-admission until the conditions of their suspension have been met and approved by the Administrator and Director. VA will be notified immediately for those students currently receiving VA Education Benefits;3. Students who are re-admitted to the Vets Group must have a cumulative average equivalent to 60% to qualify for VA Education Benefits;4. Students returning are subject to the requirements in the most current catalog; and5. If students have two suspensions within a 5-year period for any reason, they will not be readmitted to a Vets Group program.


The VETS Group maintains a policy for refund of the amount charged for tuition, fees and other charges that does not exceed the appropriate pro rata portion of the total charges that the program or course bears to the total length.

*If the VETS Group cancels a course due to limited enrollment, a 100% refund will be made. (See Course Cancellations).All requests for refunds must be in writing (via fax, email, text message or written letter). Notification acknowledging the receipt of the student’s refund request will be sent explaining refund qualifications and (if qualified) refund amount. Refunds may take 4-5 weeks to process after the refund request is received.For 100% refund, the following criteria must be adhered to; the class must be dropped within 72 hours of the class start date. All tuition and fees paid will be refunded if the student decides not to attend classes within the first 72 hours. The VETS Group will charge an administrative fee of $25.00 for any refunds after the 72 hour deadline expressed. Refunds will be assessed using the following Refund Chart.


Percent of Program Hours CompletedPercentage of Refund Owed