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Celebrating the Bright Minds for VETS Group: IT Graduates Luncheon 2023

What a fulfilling experience it was! In a recent gathering that took place November 3, 2023, VETS Group had the honor of hosting a luncheon along with Service-Disabled Veterans Oasis, and Black Meta Agency that surpassed the confines of business—it evolved into a shared space where the stories of Veterans, non-Veterans, and aspiring IT graduates seamlessly intertwined. Crafted with care, the event was tailored to advocate for opportunities within the intricate realm of IT, with a strong emphasis on embracing diversity and inclusivity.

This celebration recognized the resilience not only of those who served our nation but also of budding IT enthusiasts, regardless of their background. My leadership role and our collective efforts highlighted the transformative power of unity and shared aspirations.

As we stood on the verge of new stories, The Vets Group, emerged as a trusted guide, especially for IT graduates navigating the complexities of the tech world. It goes beyond mere services, offering meaningful pathways for personal and professional growth within the dynamic field of IT.

Please check out @vetsgroup The Vets Group where Veterans are helping Veterans and Non-Veterans succeed with Accelerated IT Training Programs, Resume Development, Federal Procurement Training, Small Business Assistance, Managed Employment through Apprenticeships and Patriot Resource Partners Network.

Gratitude extends to both Veterans and @vetsgroup for ensuring inclusive empowerment in the unfolding narrative of IT exploration. #SharedJourneys #EmpoweringITGraduates #ITAdventure #Leadership